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July 30, 2019

QuirkyCruise Reader Reviews INDEX

QuirkyCruise Reader Reviews INDEX

This is our growing inventory of Reader Reviews — honest unedited feedback from real passengers.

Help QuirkyCruise become the Trip Advisor for small ship cruising by submitting a review of your latest small ship cruise. Your two cents will help fellow travelers decide which ships and trips are a good fit.

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American Queen Steamboat Co

Boat: American Queen in USA (Mississippi River)
Bill Forsstrom from the USA



Boat: AmaKristina on RHINE RIVER
Sue Piergallini from the USA


American Clipper Cruises

Boat: Premier by American Clipper on the AMAZON RIVER (& Rio Negro)
Elaine Andrews from the UK


American Cruise Line

Boat: American Constellation in USA (New England)
Susan Wilson from the USA

Boat: American Constellation in USA (Washington State’s Puget Sound & San Juan Islands)
Allison Karel from the USA



Ship: Stella Australis in PATAGONIA SOUTH AMERICA (Tierra Del Feugo)
Joyce Zemans from Canada
Catherine from Singapore


Blount Small Ship Adventures

Ship: Grand Mariner in NORTH AMERICA (Rhode Island)
Lynn Marshall from the USA
Liz Walker from the USA


Celebrity Cruises

Ship: Celebrity Xpedition in GALAPAGOS
Mala from the USA



Boat: Cyrano de Bergerac in BORDEAUX FRANCE
Miles Irwin from Singapore


Far Horizon Tours

Boat: Mahabaahu in INDIA (Brahmaputra River)
Nripjit Singh Chawla from India
Sue from the USA
Claude Bahout from France


Island Windjammers

Ship: Diamant in the CARIBBEAN (Grenadines)
Adrea Tidwell from the USA

Ship: Sagitta in the CARIBBEAN (French West Indies)
Wendy from the USA
Shelly Davis from the USA

Ship: Vela in the CARIBBEAN (French West Indies)
David Harrell from the USA
Katie Lobe from Canada


Le Boat

Boat: Crusader in FRANCE (Nivernais Canal)
Sian Appleyard from the UK


Lindblad Expeditions

Ship: National Geographic Orion in ANTARCTICA
Anisha Malhotra from the USA

Ship: National Geographic Endavour II in GALAPAGOS
Purandar Rao from Singapore
Sapna from Singapore

Ship: National Geographic Venture in ALASKA
Laura V from the USA

Ship: National Geographic Venture in ALASKA
Elizabeth Moss from the USA

The Majestic Line

Boat: Glen Tarsan in SCOTLAND (Oban to Inverness on the Caledonian Canal)
Janine O’Loughlin from Australia


Marine Link Tours

Boat: Aurora Explorer in CANADA (British Columbia)
Henry from New York City


Pandaw Cruises

Boat: Angkor Pandaw in VIETNAM (Red River & Halong Bay)
Donald Robertson from the UK
Avril Collins from the UK
Elaine Andrews from the UK
Derek Rahm from the UK
Glenice Warner from Australia
Rachael from the USA

Boat: Kalaw Pandaw in MYANMAR (Irrawaddy River)
Judi from Canada.
Sheila from New York City


Polar Latitudes

Ship: Hebridean Sky in ANTARCTICA
Vanessa Anderson from the USA



Ship: Le Champlain to MEXICO
Michael Clay from England.


Sail in Greece

Boat: Alexia in EUROPE (Greek Isles)
Laura Holman from the USA


Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours

Boat: Scenic Spirit in ASIA (Mekong River in Cambodia & Vietnam)
Julia S. from the USA
Sheila from the USA
Walt B from Canada

Boat: Scenic Jasper in EUROPE (Rhine River in Germany & France)
Kathi Savarese from the USA
Debbie Dutton from the USA


Silversea Expeditions

Ship: Silver Cloud in Antarctica & Falklands
Sue B from New Zealand


Star Clippers

Ship: Star Clipper in ASIA (Thailand’s Andaman Sea)
Monica from the USA
Roland from Germany
Douglas Andrew from the USA
Beth from the USA
Huber Hannelore from Germany
Mark from England
Andrea Stoeber from Germany
Stephen Andrews from Australia

Alison Johnson from Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

Ship: Star Flyer in the MEDITERRANEAN
David Mann from the USA


UnCruise Adventures

Ship: Safari Explorer in HAWAII
Leslie Shepherd from the USA

Ship: Safari Voyager in COSTA RICA & PANAMA CANAL
David R. Perry from the USA

Ship: Safari Quest in THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST (San Juan Islands)
Mara Lofman from the USA

Ship: Legacy in ALASKA
Lawrence from Canada

Ship: Wilderness Discoverer in ALASKA
H Schneider from the USA


Uniworld River Cruises

Boat: River Empress in EUROPE (Germany & France on Rhine River)
Mike from New York City
Kavi from Singapore (age 13)
TJ from Singapore (age 13)

Boat: River Countess in EUROPE (Italy’s Po River)
RL from the USA

Variety Cruises

Boat: Pegasus in THE SEYCHELLES (Africa)
Donald Robertson from the UK

Vega Travel

Boat: Vega Cruise Boat in SOUTHEAST ASIA (Vietnam’s Halong Bay)
Barbara L from the USA



Boat: Viking Lofn in EUROPE (Rhine River)
Anne from the USA.

Boat: Viking Prestige in EUROPE (Danube River)
Kristen from Singapore
Suvir from Singapore


Windstar Cruises

Yacht: Wind Star in EUROPE (Greek Isles)
Don from Toronto.

Yacht: Wind Surf in CARIBBEAN
Don from Toronto

Ship: Star Pride in ASIA (Vietnam)
Chrissy from New York


Zambezi Queen Collection

Boat: Chobe Princess in AFRICA (Chobe & Zambezi rivers)
Chris & Peter from the UK

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