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November 30, 2017

QuirkyCruise Reader Review: STAR FLYER in the Mediterranean (Star Clippers)


David Mann from the USA

Cruise Line

Star Clippers


Star Flyer



# of Nights


Departure Date & Port of Embarkation

October 2017 — Valetta in Malta to Malaga, Spain with stops in Balaeric Islands


5 out of 5 stars      (5=excellent, 4=very good, 3=good, 2=poor, 1=terrible)

-Food Rating:  5.

-Cabin Rating:  5.

-Service/Crew Rating:  5.

-Itinerary Rating:  5.

Have you been on a small ship cruise before?

I’ve been on 2 small ship cruises.


Highly Recommended Sailing Adventure.

The excitement of sailing on a 4 masted clipper ship gave me a heightened sense of anticipation in the months before departure. The sight of this beautiful ship at the dock in the ancient city of Valetta and the modern 6,000 passenger liner on the adjacent pier fulfilled that expectation making me and this trip feel very special indeed. With ceremonial music blaring, the sails went up as we left the harbor for open water. Aside from the rough seas the first two nights, the rest of the trip was truly amazing.

This trip carried 115 passenger plus crew, making it very easy to get to know others on board. The crew was fantastic and provided ample food and sustenance. They were more than pleasant and willing to meet any request. The captain gave passengers the “run of the ship” and there wasn’t any place off limits, except for safety reasons when course or wind changes required sail adjustment. Watching the crew manipulate the 18 or 20 sails gave much appreciation for those who plied the seas in days of old. In quiet times we climbed to the crow’s nest or lazed in the netting from the bow sprit. The crew did all they could to entertain, serve, and encourage us all to enjoy the experience, even if we weren’t yacht owners back home. We participated in many of the daily excursions to the beautiful islands and ancient cities, thoroughly enjoying the layers of civilization and beauty still present that define this area of the world.

To get the most out of this trip, we initially spent 4 days in Barcelona and 4 days in Xagrhr, Malta before sailing and 4 days in Malaga, Spain after departing the ship. finding excellent rentals enabled us to get the most out of this special vacation experience.

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