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February 3, 2019

QuirkyCruise Reader Review: PEGASOS in the Seychelles with Variety Cruises, by Donald R.

The Seychelles with Variety Cruises.


Donald Robertson from the UK.


Variety Cruises.




Seychelles Islands.




December 2018, fromVictoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles.


4 out of 5 stars (5=excellent, 4=very good, 3=good, 2=poor, 1=terrible)

-Food Rating: 4

-Cabin Rating: 3

-Service/Crew Rating: 5

-Itinerary Rating: 4


I’ve been on 11 small ship cruise.


A small vessel which only carries 44 passengers. On our cruise there were only 18. Have a feeling that it might feel a little crowded if the full number of passengers were embarked. The crew service is excellent, personal and friendly, food is good too. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming and snorkelling. Kayaking is also available. There are daily excursions of one kind or another but most only last a couple of hours. The focus is really on beaches and water activities. If you do not like these activities you might find this cruise disappointing.

Most of the excursions are included in the price however two are not. One is an excursion to Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve at Baie St Anne, Praslin. This is worth the extra charge. However on our trip there were insufficient numbers for the trip to be organised with the ships guide. The onboard guide did on request organise a taxi to take a few of us who were interested. At the reserve the official nature reserve guides joined us with another tour party and we had a properly guided tour.

The other optional excursion is on La Digue, am not sure if that is worth the money, you could probably do it yourself. The vessel itself is not in the first flush of youth and it shows in some areas, but it is very clean. In general the Seychelles are a fairly expensive place, not surprising really as probably everything has to be imported. The Seychelles people are very friendly and courteous. The islands themselves are simply stunning.

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  1. Ted Scull - 5 months ago


    Thank you for your review. The Seychelles are indeed breathtakingly beautiful. In March 1968, I visited the islands before the airport, and it was four-nights and three days from Bombay by British India S.N. Co. Because of the shipping schedule, one stayed a fortnight or a month. I chose the former and left on an Indian ship for Mombasa. While in residence, we had an all-day excursion via the interisland mailboat Lady Esme to Pralin and La Digue. The coco de mer were amazing. Sailing schooners came from the outislands into Victoria, Mahe with copra. It was a very sleepy place then. The Hotel Des Seychelles (since pulled down I believe) had small cabins facing the beach and Silhouette Island. We ate (full board) in a thatched roof dining saloon. The bar was a local hangout, and lots of news got shared. It was very colonial.


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