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September 27, 2017

QuirkyCruise Reader Review: STAR CLIPPER in Thailand (Star Clippers)


Andrea Stoeber from Germany

Cruise Line

Star Clippers


Star Clipper



# of Nights


Departure Date & Ports

April 2017, from Patong Bay in Phuket, Thailand to Ko Surin, Similan Islands, Ko Rok Nok, Langkawi, Ko Kraden, Phang Nga and Ko Hong


5 out of 5 stars      (5=excellent, 4=very good, 3=good, 2=poor, 1=terrible)

-Food Rating: 5

-Cabin Rating: 4

-Service/Crew Rating: 5

-Itinerary Rating: 4

Have you been on a small ship cruise before?

No, this was my first.


Ooops, we will do it again!

Yes, we were bloody beginners, rookies! Our first cruise at all.

My in-laws, who had been on Star Clipper and Royal Clipper before, decided it was time for the four of us to experience our first cruise with them.

Thailand — the Andaman Sea.
We started with Singapore for a few days, flew to Phuket and checked-in on the Star Clipper.

And — I was full of prejudice:
Too many people (maybe Germans?), too many waves, too little space for me (with two teenagers on our side) in between the other guests.

I learned — thankfully the nice way — how wonderful a cruise can be and how addicted you can get.

My first lesson: Wonderful, not too many Germans , it was so international — a little bit of almost every continent. Not more then 170 guests, a seat for everyone while having dinner at the same time, enough room for all of us on “our“ Star Clipper and such a nice staff/crew, who did everything to make our time on that sail boat wonderful.

The second: No, not one of us got problems with being seasick, even in a little bit rough night we did fine and felt safe.

The third: I got addicted to the wonderful sunset time, when you sit on the main deck, they play the same music and set sail — and you’re in between everything of it, can watch how they do it.

A sundowner in your hand and the experience of a terrific beach day on one of the islands we visited, or sightseeing on Langkawi, on my mind.

Of course, we were not the only ones on some islands — but that’s how it is. Everyone wants to see the wonderful beaches, do snorkeling in clear warm water and enjoy the terrific scenery. But most other visitors left early — so there was some quite time left for us. The ship was decorated a little bit old fashioned — but so what. And of course — we have no other cruise to compare it to.

Consequence: We have to do it again in the not so far future and discover more on that “little big sailboat“, with the perfect amount of guests and space for us

Let them spoil us with a delicious breakfast buffet, lunch, happy hour with freshly made finger food when you come from your trip back to the ship

And a wonderful dinner menu, where everyone can find something for themselves. Even our “baby teenager” — who is crazy about pasta……

MY advice: You should try it, too !!

Andrea Stoeber
with her family

PS. No wifi is terrific !!

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