92 Small Ship Cruise Line Reviews and Counting...
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January 19, 2018

91 Small Ship Cruise Line Reviews A to Z

91 Small Ship Cruise Line Reviews A to Z

We’re the only travel site out there that covers so many small-ship cruise lines in reviews, feature articles and photos — we’re up to 91 small-ship cruise lines and counting. offers original, quality writing from top travel writers about this wonderful corner of the travel world. Go ahead, have a look around! And if you’ve been on a small-ship cruise lately, we’d love to hear about it in our Reader Reviews section!

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Here’s the list of our 91 small-ship cruise line reviews.

Abercrombie & Kent (Expeditions, Oceangoing, Rivers, Sailing)  Antarctica, Arctic, Cuba, Egypt, East Asia
Adventure Canada (Expeditions, Oceangoing, Coastal) — Arctic, Antarctica, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Galapagos, Costa Rica, Panama and more
AdventureSmith Explorations (Expeditions, Oceangoing, Rivers, Sailing, Coastal)  Antarctica, Arctic, Galapagos, Alaska, Mediterranean, Amazon, Southeast Asia, Costal Rica, Australia, New Zealand and more
Alaska Marine Highway (Coastal)  Alaska
Alaskan Dream Cruises (Expeditions)  Southeast Alaska
AmaWaterways (Rivers)  Europe, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa
American Cruise Lines (Coastal, Rivers)  US, Canada
American Queen Steamboat Company (Rivers)  US
Aqua Expeditions (Rivers)  Amazon, Southeast Asia
Argyll Cruising (Coastal, Oceangoing) — Scotland
A-Rosa (Rivers)  Europe
Atlas Ocean Tours (Coastal)  British Columbia
Aurora Expeditions (Expedition, Coastal) — Antarctica, Arctic, Galapagos, Scotland, Australia
Australis (Expedition)  South America, Antarctica
Avalon Waterways (Rivers)  Amazon, Galapagos, Europe, Egypt, Southeast Asia, China


Barge Lady Cruises (Rivers, Canals) Europe
Blount Small Ship Adventures (Coastal, Rivers, Canals)  US, Canada, Belize, Cuba (pending)
Blue Lagoon Cruises (Coastal)  South Pacific

Captain Cook Cruises (Coastal)  Fiji
Celebrity Cruises Xpedition (Expeditions)  Galapagos
Coral Expeditions (Expeditions)  Australia, NZ, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific
Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime (C.P.T.M.) & the the Aranui 5 (Oceangoing)  French Polynesia
CroisiEurope (Rivers)  Europe, SE Asia
Croisières M/S Jacques-Cartier (Rivers, Coastal) — Eastern Canada
Crystal River Cruises (Rivers)  Europe
Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises (Oceangoing, Expedition)  Europe, Mid East, Indian Ocean (Seychelles)

Deep Blue Holidays YASAWA PRINCESS (Coastal, Expedition) — Indian Ocean (Maldives)
Delfin Amazon Cruises
(Rivers) — South America, Peru, Amazon River

Ecoventura (Expedition, Coastal)  Galapagos
Emerald Waterways (Rivers)  Europe

French America Line (Rivers)  US

G Adventures (Expeditions, Rivers, Sailing) — Galapagos, Amazon, Arctic, Antarctica, Mediterranean, India, Southeast Asia
Gota Canal Steamship Company (Rivers)  Sweden
Grand Circle Cruise Line (Expeditions, Oceangoing, Rivers)  Europe, Panama, Myanmar
GreenTracks (River, Expeditions)  Amazon, Galapagos

Hapag-Lloyd Expeditions Cruises (Expeditions)  Worldwide
Haumana Cruises (Coastal) — South Pacific
Hebridean Island Cruises (Coastal)  Scotland’s Isles, Northern Ireland, Norway
Hebrides Cruises (Coastal)
Hurtigruten (Coastal, Expeditions)  Norway, Northern Europe, Arctic, Antarctica, South America

International Expeditions (Rivers, Expeditions, Coastal)  India, Papua New Guinea, South America, Cuba 
Island Windjammers (Sailing)  Caribbean

Le Boat (Rivers)  Europe 
Lindblad Expeditions (Expeditions, Rivers)  Worldwide

Magna Carta Steamship Company (Coastal, Rivers)  Scotland
Majestic Line (Coastal)  Scotland
Marine Link Tours (Coastal)  British Columbia
Murray River Cruises (River) — Australia

Oceanwide Expeditions (Expeditions, Sailing)  Arctic, Antarctica
One Ocean Expeditions (Expeditions) — Arctic, Antarctica
Ontario Waterway Cruises (Rivers, Canals)  Ontario
Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.) (Rivers, Expeditions, Sailing, Coastal) — Antarctica, Egypt, Galapagos, Mediterranean

Pacific Catalyst (Coastal) — Alaska, Baja California, San Juan Islands
Pandaw River Cruises (Coastal, Rivers)  Southeast Asia, India
Patricia Cruises (Coastal)  England, Channel Islands
Paul Gauguin Cruises (Coastal, Oceangoing) — South Pacific
Pearl Seas Cruises (Coastal, Rivers)  US, Canada, Cuba
Pitcairn Island’s Claymore II (Coastal, Oceangoing)  South Pacific
Polar Latitudes (Expeditions ) — Antarctica
Ponant (Expeditions, Oceangoing, Sailing)  Worldwide
Poseidon Expeditions (Expeditions)  Arctic, Antarctica
Puffer Steamboat Holidays (Coastal) — Scotland

Quark Expeditions (Expeditions)  Arctic, Antarctica

Riviera River Cruises (Rivers) — Europe

St. Helena Line (Oceangoing)  South Africa, South Atlantic islands: St. Helena & Ascension
St. Hilda Sea Adventures (Coastal, Sailing) — Scotland
St. Lawrence Cruise Lines (Rivers, Canals) — Ontario, Quebec
Scenic (Rivers)  Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia
Sea Cloud Cruises (Sailing)  Caribbean, including Cuba, Central America, Mediterranean, Transatlantic
Seabourn Expeditions (Expeditions) —Arctic, Antarctica
SeaDream Yacht Club (Coastal, Oceangoing)  Caribbean, Mediterranean, Transatlantic
Seatrek Sailing Adventure (Sailing)  Indonesia
Silhouette Cruises (Sailing) — Indian Ocean (Maldives)
Silolona Sojourns (Sailing)  Indonesia, Southeast Asia
Silversea Cruises (Oceangoing)  Worldwide
Silversea Expeditions (Expeditions)  Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos
Star Clippers (Sailing)  Caribbean, Mediterranean, Transatlantic, occasionally Asia & South Pacific
*Swan Hellenic (Oceangoing, Rivers)  Worldwide *Ceased operations January 4, 2017 **To be revived ? 

Tauck (Tour Operator) (Expeditions, Oceangoing, Rivers)  Worldwide
Trinity Sailing (Sailing) — England, Scotland

UnCruise Adventures (Coastal, Expeditions)  Alaska, Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America
Uniworld Boutique River Cruises (Rivers)  Europe, Egypt, India, Southeast Asia, China

Vantage World Travel (Oceangoing, Rivers, Barging, Sailing)  Worldwide
Variety Cruises (Oceangoing, Sailing)  Mediterranean, Atlantic Isles, Caribbean, Central America, Seychelles
Victoria Cruises (Rivers)  China
Victory Cruise Lines (Coastal, Oceangoing) — North America, Caribbean
Viking River Cruises (Rivers)  Europe, Russia, Egypt, Southeast Asia, China

Windstar Cruises (Oceangoing, Sailing)  Caribbean, Central America, Mediterranean, N. Europe, French Polynesia

Zegrahm Expeditions (Expeditions, Oceangoing, Sailing)  Worldwide

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