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July 8, 2018

Small Ship Cruise Review: Seabourn Expeditions (Preview)

Seabourn Expeditions

Seabourn, which has offered an expedition-style program in Antarctica with the Seabourn Quest since 2013, will continue to do so until the arrival of the purpose-designed pair of expedition vessels expected to debut in 2021 and 2022. They will take up to 264 passengers in 132 all-veranda suites. The first season will see the first of the pair cruise in the Arctic then move south to a first Antarctic season later in the year.

Seabourn Cruise Line introduced a trio of ships that offered a new high standard of luxury accommodations beginning with Seabourn Pride in 1988 with 208 passengers, the identical Seabourn Spirit the following year, and slightly larger Seabourn Legend 1996. When these ships were sold to Windstar Cruises, Seabourn’s new, much larger fleet exceeded QuirkyCruise’s passenger limit with Seabourn Odyssey (2009), Sojourn (2010), and Quest (2011) taking up to 458 passengers and Seabourn Encore (2016) and Ovation (2018) with 600 passengers. So now that Seabourn is entering the expedition ship business, as have other upscale lines, with passenger capacities falling below our 300-passenger limit, we’re back reporting on Seabourn and their new builds.

Seabourn Expeditions

Seabourn Quest is currently operating expedition cruises until the first expedition ship arrives in mid-2021.

Ship, Year Delivered & Passengers

The first will be named Seabourn Venture taking up to 264 passengers and to be delivered in June 2021 with the second yet unnamed ship appearing in May 2022. Designers and builders are T. Mariotti and Damen Shipyards Group. Additional details will be forthcoming for this project that will catapult Seabourn into the super sophisticated expedition market.

Passenger Profile

Past Seabourn passengers and new business with a worldwide draw.


$$$ Top Dollar.


With delivery in June 2021,  the ship will first sail from Lisbon to Greenwich (London) thence to Tromso, Norway where the summer will be spent exploring the Arctic region to include Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland and northern Canada. In September, the ship sails to South America and begins its first Antarctic season in November with cruises lasting from 11 to 22 days.

Included Features

Seabourn includes a lot in its pricing, and specific details about the expedition ships will be forthcoming.


132 veranda suites.

Activities & Entertainment

Special expedition equipment will include two submarines for underwater exploration, 24 Zodiacs (inflatable boats), and a fleet of kayaks.

Along the Same Lines

Other high-end lines operating large ships and expedition ships are Crystal with Crystal Yacht Cruises and Silversea with Silversea Expeditions.


Seabourn Cruise Line, 450 Third Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119; 866-755-5619 (U.S.A. & Canada) or 206-626-9179,


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