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May 11, 2015

QuirkyCruise News: STX France Tantalizes with Project Ulysseas

A cabin on the proposed Ulysseas

A cabin on the proposed Ulysseas

Aimed at adventurous travelers with deep pockets and long bucket lists, shipbuilders STX France recently shared details for an expedition cruise ship called Project Ulysseas. The super sleek 200-passenger ice-class vessel would have nine decks, lots of floor-to-ceiling glass, expansive open decks and even a helicopter landing pad. Eager to tap the growing expedition cruising market, STX France hopes to make waves with its idea for the brand-new, energy-efficient, high-tech expedition ship within a sea of mostly older and repurposed expedition vessels. The idea is for Ulysseas to explore the world’s polar regions as well as tropical waters, doing both low-speed ice cruising as well as high-speed transits through the Drake Passage.

An article in offers more details:


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