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November 3, 2018

UnCruise Adventures Theme Cruises for 2019

UnCruise Adventures Theme Cruises

By Heidi Sarna.

What’s better than an adventurous small-ship cruise? An adventurous small-ship cruise with a theme.

Besides the expedition leader and guides who sail on board every UnCruise Adventures voyage, below is a listing of special UnCruise Adventures theme cruises in 2019 that feature in additional expert. The themes center around photography, ornithology, wellness and Alaska.

Here’s a listing of the theme roster for 2019 (note, for a few, the expert will be determined soon).


Alaska Insider Theme Cruises in 2019

These guest hosts are Alaska residents with knowledge to share on a variety of topics, from bears to salmon, Alaskan native culture and glaciers.

Cathy Connor, for instance, lives in Juneau with her family and is an expert on glaciers with a Ph.D in geology and glaciology. She’s an expert on Juneau’s ice fields.

Meanwhile, Kate Troll and Bill Hanson are a husband-wife team who are accomplished writers with impressive careers behind them. Kate was the executive director for Alaska’s largest fishing organization and pioneered a program to implement salmon stream protections in rural Alaska, while Bill spent his career as a supervisory biologist, forester, and fire effects specialists for agencies in Alaska including US Dept. of Fish & Game and Bureau of Land Management.

UnCruise Adventures Theme Cruises

Getting up close and personal in Alaska via skiff exploring Dawes Glacier * Photo: UnCruise Adventures

Alaska Fjords & Glaciers aboard Wilderness Explorer
➢2019: April 6 with Cathy Connor
➢2019: May 11 TBD
➢2019: May 18 with Karen Dillman

Glacier Bay National Park Adventure Cruise aboard Wilderness Explorer & Wilderness Adventurer
➢2019: April 13 with Cathy Connor
➢2019: April 20 with Jim Adams
➢2019: April 27 with Alaska Native Voices
➢2019: May 4 TBD
➢2019: May 11 TBD
➢2019: May 18 with Kate Troll & Bill Hanson

Alaska’s Glacier Country aboard S.S. Legacy & Safari Explorer
➢2019: April 26 with David Shaw
➢2019: May 10 with Kate Troll & Bill Hanson
➢2019: May 17 with Kim Heacox
➢2019: May 17 with Natalie Fobes

Alaska Yacht: Bears, Bergs & Bushwhacking aboard Safari Quest
➢2019: May 16

Alaska’s Inside Passage & San Juan Islands Cruise aboard S.S. Legacy, Wilderness Discoverer & Safari Endeavour
➢2019: April 12 with Caroline Fox
➢2019: April 20 with Lee Stetson
➢2019: May 12 TBD

Northern Passage & Glacier Bay aboard Wilderness Adventurer, Wilderness Explorer & Wilderness Discoverer
➢2019: April 13 with Alaska Native Voices
➢2019: April 20 with Alaska Native Voices
➢2019: April 27 with Jim Baichtal
➢2019: May 4 TBD
➢2019: May 4 TBD
➢2019: May 11 TBD
➢2019: May 18 with Tom Jefferson


Ornithology Cruise in 2019

Alaska’s Glaciers & Whales aboard Safari Endeavour
➢2019: May 26 TBD

UnCruise Adventures Theme Cruises

Spotting an eagle on the ornithology theme cruise. * Photo: UnCruise Adventures

Photography Cruises in 2019

Whales, Wildlife & Glaciers aboard Safari Endeavour
➢2019: August 11 with Cameron Zegers

Alaska’s Glacier Country aboard S.S. Legacy & Safari Endeavour
➢2019: May 24 with JD Andrews

Alaska’s Glaciers and Whales aboard Safari Endeavour
➢2019: June 9 TBD

UnCruise Adventures Theme Cruises

Taking shots of wildlife and scenery on a photography theme cruise. * Photo: UnCruise Adventures


Wellness Cruises in 2019

Alaska’s Glacier Country—Fitness & Yoga aboard S.S. Legacy & Safari Endeavour
➢2019: May 3 with Mary Van Heukelom and Hunt Parr
➢2019: September 1 with Melanie Psaltakis and Lisa Karr

UnCruise Adventures Theme Cruises

This is what a wellness cruise looks like! * Photo: UnCruise Adventures



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