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Here are some enticing small ship cruise offers curated by a handful of well-respected travel companies, agencies and tour operators that specialize in selling small-ship cruises, including:


Grand Victoria: The Queen of Burgundy

Luxury Barge Cruises


The Small Cruise Ship Collection

Small Ship Cruise Collection's Powell Ettinger


Cruise Traveller

Cruise Traveller





AdventureSmith Explorations

AdventureSmith Explorations



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Special Offers

Grand Victoria “The Queen of Burgundy” Barge
20% off full-barge charters when booked by Jan 2, 2020; mention code QC2020

special offer for a grand victoria barge cruise

The lovely sun deck of the 6-passenger Grand Victoria. * Photo: Grand Victoria Cruises










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Australia's Kimberley Coast

Australia’s Kimberley Coast

By Ted Scull.

The travel bug sends all manner of people to all corners of the globe by sea in small, medium-size and humongous ships, via aircraft ranging from a Piper Cub to the airbus 380, in cars, on trains, buses, two wheels and two feet. Is there anywhere left to go that I won’t have to share the experience with so many people who are already there?

Australia's Kimberley Coast

What’s ahead while exploring Australia’s Kimberley Coast. * Photo: Ted Scull

Looking back to an earlier era, I am old enough to recall our guide taking the three of us — my mother, brother and myself — into the Sistine Chapel and suggesting that we lay down on a carpet and look up at the ceiling while she related the story of Michelangelo’s illustrating the book of Genesis. One would be trampled today and maybe arrested.

Two years later, after a stint working at a bush hospital in then Tanganyika, I found myself in a Land Rover with two other people driving across the Serengeti Plain. We came into contact with a pride of lions with not another soul around. Then an hour later, stopping and turning off the motor, as a huge herd of wildebeest flowed by en route to a distant waterhole.

Now, I try to stay away from the summer crowds in Europe and certain port cities that have become inundated with humanity, many off giant cruise ships.

As I am writing this, I can still clearly recall sitting in a tour bus at a beauty spot on the island of Rhodes, surrounded by other buses, all unable to move. The cacophony of blaring horns did not produce a single inch of progress forward. Sitting there for an hour or so, and unknown to us, two buses had sideswiped each other, and the investigation halted the one route out of the quagmire.

So where have I found serenity ashore?

I will start with the most extreme example, simply because the experience was so utterly wonderful lasting over a week. Others will follow.

Australia's Kimberley Coast

Approaching the Kimberley Coast, Australia’s Northern Territory. * Photo: Ted Scull

The ship was the Orion, now belonging to Lindblad Expeditions, and the destination was the Kimberley Coast. We embarked on a 10-night voyage from Darwin, Australia’s Northern Territory capital, and headed westward, making daily coastal stops en route to Broome in Western Australia.

We were less than 100 passengers, nearly all Australians, including my Aussie-born wife, plus a couple of Brits, a NZ couple, and one Yank (me!).

After a full day at sea, we made a landing by Zodiac at a crescent beach with no one else in sight. Options suggested heading inland via several pathways or staying put and simply plopping down on the sand and taking the beautiful surroundings.

We, and a half-dozen others, opted for a climb up a moderately easy zigzagging pathinto the wilds of remote Australia. I choose never to be first in line or even second as I let the eager beavers clear the path of the dangers that might lie ahead — especially the continent’s notorious snake and spider populations!

Phew! With none sighted, we progressed gently up a couple hundred feet, and turning sharply right, indigenous rock paintings appeared on the cliff face and then flowed into a shallow recess. We took seats for a bit and studied the figures of fish and spirits, other worldly whitish figures with eyes, rectangular noses and no mouth, painted some 7,000 years ago. No one said much, just enjoying the peaceful and utterly quiet surroundings and the vestiges of someone’s idea of life.

Australia's Kimberley Coast

Early indigenous art reached after a cliff climb. * Photo: Ted Scull

A relic of WWII

On another foray ashore on leveler ground at a place called Vansittart Bay, it was suggested we walk inland along one of several paths then across a meadow into a semi-open forest. Not far along we came upon a US C-53 (DC-3) that had crash-landed and broken in half during WWII. The American crew of four and two Aussies had lost their way in the dark (no maps in those days of this remote region) on route from Perth to Darwin. When they ran out of fuel the pilot put down in a then open mud flat. All survived, and they were rescued three days later by Qantas’ Corinthian, a flying boat.

Australia's Kimberley Coast

An American DC-3 crashed landed after running out of fuel during WWII. All six aboard survived. * Photo: Ted Scull

Nothing deteriorates very much in this dry climate, though trees had grown up that would have prevented landing here. Standing there with a few fellow passengers, even the Australians felt the sense of utter remoteness and lack of any sound, except when our feet crunched over dry ground on the way back to the beach.

On another day, we came ashore near a waterfall and patches of lush vegetation that sprung up around it. We entered a narrow canyon in the cliff and once inside found a pool of water where six crocodiles languished with their snouts and eyes showing just above the surface. Iron deposits in the purple and blue stones gave color to the remote and utterly silent scene.

Australia's Kimberley Coast

Iron deposits create the reddish colors. * Photo: Ted Scull

Then the following afternoon, we landed near a swimming hole set in the rocks wetted by a waterfall. After the guides made sure nothing sinister inhabited the dark waters, apart from harmless jellyfish, we paddled about relishing our now five days of isolation from seeing a single human being beyond our boatload.

Back to Civilization

Disembarking in Broome was a gentle return to civilization. We rented a four-wheel drive vehicle and hit the open road along the Great Northern Highway, a smooth two-lane trek through alternatively haunting landscapes, again empty of people, and two hundred miles between gas stations.

We made a two-day diversion to be amongst the vast landscapes of orange and black sandstones domes known as the Bungle Bungle, amazing geological formations that were virtually unknown when my wife grew up in Queensland.

Australia's Northern Territory

The Bungle Bungle spreads over the landscape in a remote area of Australia’s Northern Territory. * Photo: Ted Scull

Now, as I have finished recalling the Kimberley Coast’s remoteness, where one did not have any idea where the nearest settlement might be, I am now trying to think of another period of total isolation from other human beings besides the group I am with. Maybe it is the day or two camped in the Adirondacks reached by guide boat after a long paddle across the lake with only the haunting calls of loons at night? Here, if I thought about it, other humans were unseen, but not that far away. In the Kimberley I had no reference or knowledge where humans other than our small boatload might be.

Who goes to the Kimberely now?

AdventureSmith Explorations

Aurora Expeditions

Coral Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions



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AdventureSmith Explorations Small Ship Cruise Offers

AdventureSmith Explorations Small Ship Cruise Offers

Our partners at AdventureSmith Explorations are sharing these five small-ship cruise deals for voyages in Alaska, Galapagos, Antarctica, Baja California and Southeast Asia in 2018 & 2019. For more details or to book, click on the links to go to their website. For Galapagos travel tips from AdventureSmith Explorations’ founder Todd Smith, click here.


AdventureSmith Explorations




Antarctic Latitudes Cruises — Save Up To 20% On Select 2019 Antarctic Expeditions

Cruise: 11-night round-trip Antarctic exploration from Ushuaia, Argentina.

Special Offer: 20% off per person on select Antarctica cruises in February and March 2019; fares before discount starting at $9,995 per person.

Vessel: 114-passenger Hebridean Sky, built in 1991, refurbished in 2016; OR 112-passenger Island Sky, built in 1992, refurbished in 2017.

For more details or to book this offer, visit AdventureSmith Explorations.

AdventureSmith Explorations Small Ship Cruise Offers

Hebridean Sky


Wild Alaska — Complimentary Airfare on May 2019 Wild Alaska Escape Cruises

Cruise: 5-night active journey in Alaska’s Inside Passage between Sitka and Juneau.

Special Offer: Complimentary per person airfare between Sitka and Seattle on the May 25 & 30, 2019, departures of Wild Alaska Escape aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird; fares before discount starting at $4,290 per person.

Vessel: 62-passenger Sea Bird; built in 1982, refurbished in 2014.

For more details or to book this offer, visit AdventureSmith Explorations.

AdventureSmith Explorations Small Ship Cruise Offers

Sea Bird


Baja California Whale-Centric Cruises — $350 Air Credit on Jan 2019 Baja California “Among the Great Whales” Cruises

Cruise: 9-night wildlife-focused journey of Baja California round-trip from La Paz, Mexico.

Special Offer: $350 air credit per person when you book by December 31, 2018; fares before discount starting at $7,530 per person.

Vessel: 62-passenger Sea Bird, built in 1982, refurbished in 2014; OR 100-passenger Venture, built in 2018.

For more details or to book this offer, visit AdventureSmith Explorations.

AdventureSmith Explorations Small Ship Cruise Offers



Luxury Mekong River Cruises — Save Up To 30% On Select 2019 & 2020 Aqua Mekong River Cruises

Cruise: 3- 4- or 7-night Mekong River cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia between various points, including Tonle Sap Lake (Cambodia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

Special Offer: Save up to 30% when you book select 2019 & 2020 Aqua Mekong River cruises departing between May 3 & August 13, 2019 and May 1 & August 6, 2020; fares before discount starting at $4,050 per person.

Vessel: 40-passenger Aqua Mekong.

For more details or to book this offer, visit AdventureSmith Explorations.

AdventureSmith Explorations Small Ship Cruise Offers

Aqua Mekong


Upscale Galapagos Cruises — Save Up To 40% On Select 2018 5- And 7-Day La Pinta Galapagos Cruises

Cruise: 4- or 6-night navigation of the Northern, Eastern, or Western Galapagos Islands.

Special Offer: Save up to 40% when you book your select 2018 5- or 7-day La Pinta Galapagos cruises; fares before discount starting at $4,344 per person. Must travel before Dec 31, 2018.

Vessel: 48-passenger La Pinta; refurbished in 2007.

For more details or to book this offer, visit AdventureSmith Explorations.

AdventureSmith Explorations Small Ship Cruise Offers

La Pinta


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AdventureSmith Explorations

Founded in January 2003 by Todd Smith, AdventureSmith Explorations is a leader in small-ship expedition cruises. Smith began his travel career in Alaska and then put together a staff of experts who had experience in the field to produce a delicious menu of adventure-style trips on small ships. The portfolio is comprised of more than 60 small expedition ships from 30+ companies with capacities from as low as 8 to a maximum of 200. Special attention is now being given to sophisticated expedition ships for the polar regions.

AdventureSmith doesn’t own the ships, rather the firm arranges cruises for individual travelers and small groups on ships from lines, to name a few, like Coral Expeditions, Delfin Amazon Cruises, Lindblad Expeditions, Oceanwide Expeditions, Sea Cloud Cruises and UnCruise. Sometimes AdventureSmith will charter an entire ship for family celebrations or specific interest groups.

AdventureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator)

AdventureSmith Explorations

North America
AdevntureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator)

Kayaking in Alaska – AdventureSmith Explorations

  • Alaska: No less than 24 cruises and cruise tours are offered ranging from 5 days into the teens with the longer trips visiting inland national parks. The fleet includes yachts taking just 12 passengers up to small cruise ships approaching 100.
  • British Columbia: The province’s section of the Inside Passage includes cruises of 8 days and on up to 15, the latter if making the complete route between Seattle and the Alaskan Panhandle. Some cruises overlap with the next section.
  • Pacific Northwest: Programs last from 7 to 15 days to take in the Columbia and Snake rivers, Puget Sound, and the Juan Islands either separately or in combination.
  • Baja California: The long Mexican peninsula and the Sea of Cortes use vessels as small as taking just 8 passengers and on up to 100 on itineraries spanning 7 to 16 days.
  • Hawaii: 8-day cruises amongst the Hawaiian Islands use a 36-passenger yacht providing lots of outdoor activities.


Central America
AdventureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator)

AdventureSmith Explorations – Paddle boarding off Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, and Guatemala: Most cruises in this region last 8 or 9 days and may include individual countries or a combination of Costa Rica and Panama, Guatemala and Belize. Add-on land packages can round out a two-week or slightly longer itinerary.


South America
AdventureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator

Petrel in the Galapagos. * Photo: Audrey Vaughan for AdventureSmith Explorations

  • Galapagos: Choose from 21 different itineraries lasting 4 to 10 days on yachts and cruise ships taking from 12 to 100 passengers, with many choices in the 12- to 20-passenger range.
  • Amazon: Eight different cruise itineraries on riverboats take just 8 to 43 passengers and last 4 to 10 days on the Amazon River in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. With the last-named, river cruises include the Rio Negro that empties into the Amazon at Manaus. Jungle lodges and other land extensions such as to Machu Picchu, Cusco and Quito can be added.
  • Chile: A four-day cruise of the Chilean Fjords then dovetails into hikes in Patagonia with a visit to Torres de Paine, one of the most captivating mountain, meadow, and valley landscapes in the world. Perhaps add the Atacama Desert, the driest land on earth, located in the extreme north of Chile.


AdventureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator

Aboriginal cave paintings on the Kimberley Coast – Australia * Photo: Ted Scull

  • Australia: 4-, 10-, and 12-day cruises explore the underwater wonders of the Great Barrier, the top of Australia’s Cape York and Arnhem Land, and the genuinely-remote Kimberley Coast in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
  • New Zealand: South Island’s Fiordland draws nature and dramatic scenery buffs and birders for one-week cruises to see stunning beauty.
  • Indonesia: The culturally rich and scenic islands of Bali, Komodo, Flores, amongst others, are offered in an 8-day program on two wee 14- and 24-passenger ships.


Polar Regions

Over the next three winter seasons, the following expedition ships will hold down the cruises to Antarctica, the Falklands, and South Georgia and to the Northern Hemisphere polar regions: Hondius (174 p) beginning spring 2019; Magellan Explorer (69 p); National Geographic Endurance (126 p) beginning spring 2020, and World Explorer, beginning 2020 (176 passengers).

AdventureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator)

Breaking through the ice in Antarctica – AdventureSmith Explorations

  • Antarctica: Programs explore the coldest, iciest, driest and windiest places on earth, plus the Falklands and South Georgia on a generously diverse program of 22 expeditions, using a wide variety of different vessels and lasting from the shortest at 8 days to the longest at 24.
  • Arctic: Cruises number 17, lasting from 6 to 17 days and cover Iceland, Norway, Spitsbergen, Greenland and the North Pole using a wide variety of ships and owners. New ships for the Arctic spring 2019 will be Hondius (b. 2019, 174p) with Ice Class PC6. The Arctic 8 ( 7 animals and 1 bird) are polar bear, walrus, reindeer (caribou), Arctic foxes, musk ox, narwhals, beluga whales, and puffins.


AdventureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator)

Croatia small-ship cruising. * Photo: Andrew Browning for AdventureSmith Explorations

Mediterranean: 10 programs use small yachts, nimble cruise ships and the historic sailing vessel Sea Cloud. Mostly 8-day Itineraries (a couple slightly longer) are mainly centered on the Greek islands and mainland, the Adriatic’s Dalmatian Coast and Croatia ports, and ports in Spain and Portugal.


Special Note

When you research the itineraries that interest you, you will see that the name of the ship in question will be listed with many helpful facts, but usually the cruise line isn’t mentioned. If you want to know who owns and/or operates the vessel, search the ship’s name in’s search bar and the answer will be yours. If isn’t covering that ship/line (yet!), then google the ship’s name to find out the owner.


Along the Same Lines

This worldwide firm uses such a wide variety of expedition lines that there are plenty of overlapping choices.

AdventureSmith Explorations (Tour Operator)

Sea Wolf cruises the Alaska Panhandle



AdventureSmith Explorations; 40169 Truckee Airport Road, Suite 201, Truckee, CA 96161; 1-877-620-2875, Local and international: 530-583-1775.


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By Anne Kalosh.

California-based AdventureSmith Explorations is run by owner Todd Smith, who’s among the prestigious ranks of Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Specialists as a leading expert on small-ship expeditions. He also serves on the board of the International Galápagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA).

Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

Todd Smith, AdventureSmith Explorations Founder & President

Growing each year in popularity, the Galápagos Islands are a highly sought-after vacation destination. They’re also among the world’s most fragile ecosystems.

The appeal of this archipelago off Ecuador’s coast can be likened to the goose that laid the golden egg. Becoming too popular, Smith said, means risking uncontrolled growth for this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“This could lead to eroding the very ecosystems that support the bird life, flora and fauna that people travel [there] to experience,” he warned.

Smith seeks to position his company and clients to be part of the solution, keeping the region’s best ecological interests in mind and not adding to the problem of overtourism.

“We want to help make a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Galápagos the best trip possible when it comes to fulfilling travel dreams and to securing the future health of the islands,” he said.

Here are 6 tips by AdventureSmith Explorations on how to do the Galápagos right:

  1. Go by small ship (12 to 100 passengers).

Small ships enable visitors to witness wildlife in their unchallenged island environments. Covering more than 3,000 square miles with 13 major islands, the Galápagos archipelago is larger than most people realize, and many visitor sites are accessible only by water. Sleeping aboard a ship each night allows a broader range of exploration since you don’t have to travel back to a land-based accommodation each evening following day trips by boat.

IGTOA reports that 100 percent of the growth in Galápagos tourism in the last decade came from land-based tourism at a time when ship-based tourism declined.

“Ship-based travel in the Galapagos is highly regulated to maximize guest experience and minimize impact on the islands,” Smith noted. Land tourism is currently less regulated, and it is a goal of IGTOA, UNESCO and other conservation groups to approach on-island growth as carefully as ship-based tourism.

Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

National Geographic Endeavour in the Galapagos. * Photo: Sven-Olof Lindblad

  1. Stay as long as you can.

By allowing yourself more time in the archipelago you are going to encounter the most wildlife possible and see a wider range of islands. Allotting more time to understand the subtle ecological differences among the islands enhances the experience and assists conservation with fewer airline flights in and out. Air traffic along with increased cargo shipments are two of the concerns identified by UNESCO in its 2016 State of Conservation Report on the Galapágos Islands, as these are primary ways new invasive species arrive.

Longer stays also help support the local community with more opportunities for meaningful interaction.  Smith recommends at least a seven-night/eight-day cruise.

Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

A famous Galapagos tortoises. * Photo: AdventureSmith Explorations

  1. Make conservation a priority.

In advance of a Galápagos trip, Smith encourages people to learn about conservation organizations and community needs and to donate time or money to them.

AdventureSmith Explorations supports conservation partners and offers a convenient way for its travelers to donate to the Galápagos Traveler Conservation Fund on their booking invoices. Plus, every AdventureSmith traveler in the Galápagos is sailing carbon neutral; the company launched a carbon-free cruising campaign in 2005 and pays to offset each passenger’s cruise carbon footprint via MyClimate.

Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

Expert guides teach visitors to respect the fragile eco-system. * Photo: AdventureSmith Explorations

  1. Plan ahead, do it right once.

Travel to a place as fragile as the Galápagos should ideally be done once, so make the selection process fun for this once-in- a-lifetime trip.

“Shop for the best experience and seek advice from an expert who has traveled to the Galápagos Islands,” Smith advised. Booking early provides more date and ship choices, plus special offers like early-bird discounts.

Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

Spotting dolphins on a zodiac excursion, definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. * Photo: AdventureSmith Explorations

  1. Snorkel!

“If you don’t get in the water, you are missing half of the wildlife in the Galápagos,” Smith said. “There is no shortage of colorful fish, but encounters with charismatic megafauna (playful sea lions, sharks, rays, turtles), prehistoric-looking marine iguanas and the only penguin that lives north of the equator are what really sets Galápagos snorkeling apart.”

Snorkeling options range from deep-water to beginner-friendly shoreline snorkels.

Those who don’t wish to snorkel can opt for a ship that carries a glass-bottom boat.

“Interacting with the Galápagos wildlife and seeing them in such close proximity fosters a conservation mind as you bond with the fearless animals,” Smith added.

Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

Definitely snorkel for up-close encounters with beautiful creatures like this sea lion pup. * Photo: AdventureSmith Explorations

  1. Remember you’re in South America.

Don’t rush the journey and miss out on exploring a bit of what else Ecuador or other nearby regions, like the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, Peru, have to offer. Smith cautioned against trying to combine the Galápagos and Peru in just one week, thereby shortchanging two of the world’s most spectacular destinations.

“Machu Picchu is our most popular extension,” Smith pointed out. “Our team offers an array of ways to experience this world-renowned Incan site, from lodge-to-lodge treks to boutique lodges in the Sacred Valley. In Ecuador, our crew can recommend unique lodges in the cloud forest, complementary small ship cruises down the Amazon River or haciendas in the highlands to horseback ride and seek out the Andean condor.”

Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

Machu Picchu, WOW. * Photo: AdventureSmith Explorations

Even if pressed for time, you have to include a stopover. To access the Galápagos Islands some 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador, you must fly.

“As there are no direct international flights to the archipelago, you must route through either Quito in the Andean foothills or Guayaquil along the coast,” Smith said. AdventureSmith’s Galápagos Cruise Package takes care of the essentials of getting to the islands and lets travelers explore these gateways efficiently with a knowledgeable guide.

For more info, go to

Click here for a gander at’s excellent Galapagos Islands small-ship cruise overview.


Galápagos Small Ship Cruise Tips from AdventureSmith Explorations

Pups and kids are a great combo. * Photo: AdventureSmith Explorations


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