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Antarctica cruises roughly fall into three patterns. The shortest visit the Antarctic Peninsula, and by adding a few days, you can include the Falklands and Port Stanley, the capital, with its British stock living in such a remote place, pastoral settings and possibly an out island for birds and penguins, including the rock hopper. Three weeks is required if adding remote South Georgia for its huge bird population and the Shackelton Expedition history. The White Continent is visually stunning: the land forms, icebergs with their range of colors, and the crystal-clear air. Visit remote research stations and meet various types of penguins, slumbering elephant seals, and sea birds. Temperatures ashore can be quite tolerable if the sun is shining, while the beginning and end of the season can be snowy. Weather permitting, disembark for Cape Horn, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet.

Falkland Islands

Located off Argentina, which claims the islands as Las Malvinas, the British dependency is a popular destination for its varieties of penguins, lovely landscapes for hiking and Port Stanley, the charming town that could easily be in Scotland rather than the deep South Atlantic.

South Georgia

Located in the South Atlantic between South Africa and South America, the island, a British overseas territory and a former whaling station, offers expedition-style ships massive numbers of birds, whales and connections to the Shackleton Expedition.