11 FAQs About Small Ship Cruises

By Ted Scull & Heidi Sarna. Here are answers to 11 frequently asked questions about small ship cruising. Q: Will I feel hemmed in on a small ship?  A: The lounges and bars will appear intimate rather than spacious and not as numerous as on larger ships. Then...

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The 10 Quirkiest Cruises

By Ted Scull & Heidi Sarna. This list changes in accordance with the tides, our moods, the stock market, and the new and cool cruises we learn about all the time. Currently, here are the 10 quirkiest cruises for those who really want to do something different....

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10 Things to Expect on Small Ship Cruises

By Heidi Sarna. Small ship cruises have big advantages and that’s why we and lots of other people love them. But for small-ship newbies who aren’t sure what to expect, here’s the lowdown. 1. Expect to mingle with the other passengers. Small ships are intimate and...

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10 Great Places You Can Only Get to on Small Ship Cruises

by Ted Scull & Heidi Sarna. If you love traveling by water, here are 10 neat places around the world only accessible by our wee quirky fleet of ships, from North America to South America and Europe out to the Far East. Big ships can't get to any of these cool...

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12 Budgeting Tips for Planning a Small Ship Cruise

by Ted Scull & Heidi Sarna. A small-ship cruise, like any cruise, includes a lot of the basics in the fare — your cabin, meals and often guides/lecturers — but not everything. Because small-ship cruises are interesting and offbeat by their very nature, there are...

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13 Tips for Booking Small Ship Cruises

By Heidi Sarna. Small ship cruises are often bound for wonderfully far-flung places that involve complex flights and connections, hotel stays before or after the cruise, and things to figure out like tourist visas, possible inoculations, travel insurance, and what to...

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5 Reasons Small Ships are Better than Big Ones

by Heidi Sarna. You'll never have to take a number and wait (sometimes for hours) to get off the ship in port or at the end of the cruise; you'll be delighted that embarking and disembarking takes just minutes. You won't need a GPS, compass, map or deck plan to find...

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Best 5 Small Ship Cruise Regions for Families

By Heidi Sarna. Small ships don't have playrooms, video arcades and waterslides like the mega ships do. In some cases there aren't even TVs in the cabins and an Internet connection may be spotty or non-existent. Small ships cruises are all about the destination and...

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